1. On the left side of the WordPress dashboard, scroll down and you will see Rest Menus. Click on it and it will then show you the options for Rest.Menu along with the list of the menus.

2. Click Add New Menu to add new menu.


3. Input the name of the menu and click Publish in order to add new items.

4. Click New Title Section, to add group menus title. A popup dialog box will display, input the group menu title. There is also an option to add description for the group menu title.

5. Click New Menu Item, to add new menu items under the same group. A popup dialog box will display the same as the New Title Section, input menu item name and menu description if you have one, and click the Add Price button, to add a price.

6. Click Update to save the menu.

7. Then, after creating the menu on the QR menu system, embed it into the menu page. To do this, click on All Menus (Option under Rest Menus).

8. It will then show the list of menus you have added into the QR menu system.

9. In the second column, you will see the title Shortcode which contains the shortcodes for each of the menus. Copy the shortcodes and go to the page where you want to embed the menu. For example copy the shortcode for the dinner menu and then go to the dinner menu page then paste the shortcode.

10. Click Update to save new settings for the menu page where you embed the shortcode.

Note: If you need to have another group, click the New Title section again.