1. Check what mail client your computer have. In order to do this, click on search and type in mail. It will then show the what mail client your computer have.

2. Click File on the outlook header. Then, this option will show. Click ‘Add Account’ to setup another mail account.


3. Choose ‘Manual setup or additional server types” and then hit next.

4. This screen will then show, choose “POP or IMAP”.

5. Fill in this with the information we gave you. Don’t forget to choose IMAP on the ‘Account Type’ dropdown.

6. Fill in the fields with the information we will give you. Then click ‘More Settings’.

7. Click on ‘Advanced’. Choose SSL for both ‘Incoming Server’ and ‘Outgoing Server’ but make sure port are 993 for incoming server and 465 for outgoing server. Then hit ok. You will then be redirected to the same screen on #6. Click Next.

8. This screen will then show. Allow the app to load. It will let you know if the settings you did will work. A successful setting, will show same thing as the second image.