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Eveve will help nearly 2 million diners experience great New Zealand restaurants in 2018

Eveve systems pay for themselves and create profit for you

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Restaurant Reservations

Eveve increases your profits by helping you accept more reservations, seat more diners, and turn casual diners into regulars

More Bookings

Live Bookings 24/7

Eveve provides fully integrated management for your restaurant’s bookings and tables. All reservations are cross-referenced with your tables, minimising your workload.


Website Design

Eveve builds modern websites and specialises in turning them into major sales conduits for restaurants

Modern Website Design

Website Design

Eveve builds websites and specialise in turning them into a major sales conduit for restaurants. For many potential diners, your website is their first glimpse of your restaurant and can make or break the first impression.


Restaurant Hub

Eveve brings you New Zealand's largest live restaurant booking site

Increase your exposure

Restaurant Hub

Restaurant Hub hooks into your Eveve restaurant reservation system and allows users to find your restaurant & make a reservation. Learn more and make sure your on restaurant hub now.

Eveve has far exceeded my expectations of a restaurant reservations system

The Foodstore Eatery & Bar has been working with Eveve live reservation software from opening in December 2010. After personally working with other reservations systems in the UK, Eveve has far exceeded my expectations of a restaurant reservations system. Eveve reservations software is an excellent tool for the restaurant, it is easy to use and we have benefited through an increased amount of reservations online. Mark,
Richard and the team always go out of there way for us, providing top class service and training. Eveve has evolved over the years and continues to provide the restaurant with more features which assist with managing our reservations and large restaurant database. I highly recommend Eveve.

Joanna Diment, General Manager, Oyster and Chop, Foodstore