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Would you like to have more diners come to your restaurant?

Would you like to promote your specials to a larger audience?

Eveve is New Zealand’s largest restaurant booking & marketing network. When your restaurant uses our live booking software, you capture more diners with online and mobile bookings confirmed instantly, 24/7

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Meet your new diary

Eveve provides the world’s most dynamic and advanced live restaurant booking systems. The two key components of the restaurant reservation system are the live table management system and the live booking pages. The former manages your restaurant’s availability for the latter, which is a conduit for new restaurant bookings.

We recognise that every restaurant is unique, and we tailor our systems to suit your restaurant, not the other way around. Some restaurants are looking to take advantage of structured online bookings but do not need extensive table management. Other restaurants seek the opposite. Whatever your restaurant’s needs, it is likely we can accommodate them.

We provide two types of booking systems, which can be modified extensively to cater for most restaurants’ needs.


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Benefits for your customers

  • Eveve allows guests to book restaurants online with speed, convenience, and simplicity, 24 hours a day.
  • No hassle
  • No busy signals
  • No unanswered calls or emails
  • No waiting to book until the restaurant is open

Benefits for you

  • Reservations arrive 24 hours a day, not only when you are by the phone
  • Less time managing bookings by phone or email means more time with your guests
  • No losing customers when the phone is busy
  • Reduce no-show reservations with automated reminder emails
  • Further reduce no-shows by allowing customers to cancel easily online

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Choose how you use the Eveve Restaurant Booking System

Eveve Professional

Computerised diary for all of your bookings, whether online, phone or walk-in

Eveve Professional as a full restaurant management tool

Live table management allows you to plan out and organise your bookings. This feature is custom built for your restaurant and includes your specific booking rules and restrictions. The system also keeps track of your clients, dining patterns and preferences, and any information they share with your establishment. This database is updated with each new booking to help you provide an exceptional dining experience for all of your customers.

Eveve Online

You can continue to track your availability using your own system, while simultaneously allocating a number of tables for online booking availability

Accept online bookings through your website and our partners

Simply allocate some tables to be booked online and start receiving bookings! If these tables are otherwise used, their availability is updated with our easy-to-use console. The control console also stores all booking details and cross-references customers when each new booking is made. This gives you a complete database of your customers, without duplication or missing details.

Eveve has far exceeded my expectations of a restaurant reservations system

The Foodstore Eatery & Bar has been working with Eveve live reservation software from opening in December 2010. After personally working with other reservations systems in the UK, Eveve has far exceeded my expectations of a restaurant reservations system. Eveve reservations software is an excellent tool for the restaurant, it is easy to use and we have benefited through an increased amount of reservations online. Mark,
Richard and the team always go out of there way for us, providing top class service and training. Eveve has evolved over the years and continues to provide the restaurant with more features which assist with managing our reservations and large restaurant database. I highly recommend Eveve.

Joanna Diment General Manager, Oyster and Chop, Foodstore