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THE CLEAVER Issue 41 – 080620

Connecting with Kiwi Diners & How to Change Your Opening Hours

THE CLEAVER Issue 39 – 010520

Hi Restaurateurs, during lock-down our team have been innovative and busy... When restaurants re-open many in our industry expect an initial spike as Kiwi's celebrate the end of lockdown. Having spoken with many restaurant owners and business leaders it's clear we'll all emerge into a very different hospitality landscape and navigating through the next year with borders largely closed and many with less money in their pockets. Everyone will have a need to focus on our Kiwi customers.

THE CLEAVER Issue 38 – 200420

Hi Restaurateurs, Today's news is all about reducing Alert Levels and getting ready for takeaways and re-opening. Level 3 - Monday 27th April: You have another week to get Click & Collect or Click & Deliver our new low priced online food ordering and payment service with Mobi2Go. So if it's something you've been thinking about for L3 and Beyond, there's still time: SIGN UP Level 2 & Be The Best Version of Yourself - When re-opening 'THINK LIKE A CRITIC' there's all too frequently something good to learn in what they write. Here's 4 food influencers on Instagram definitely worth a look, and who just might help you elevate not just your social media game!

THE CLEAVER Issue 37 – 070420

'Click & Collect' It's time to get ready for Level 3 and Level 2. This is where you Sign Up and begin the set up for Online Food Ordering: Over 200 restaurants showed interest for our online food ordering service before the Level 4 lock down - Still Interest for L3 & L2, Please sign up today GOOD NEWS! We're collaborating with partners to support our industry. Restaurant Hub with RANZ, Mobi2Go software and NZME offer: 'CLICK & COLLECT' or CLICK & DELIVER With 'Click & Collect' You can now offer meals or meal packs for pick up, or consider having your staff do local delivery... 'Click & Deliver' Mark Gregory Restaurant Hub